Overload Bands (O-Bands)

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O-Bands (Overload Bands) are the "New Age" training aid for developing progressive and functional basketball players. Just like with our wrist weight training product, as a trainer you always want to train a player in a: (1) functional setting; and (2) provide an overload resistance in challenging your players current mechanics and power. O-Bands add a new dimension and intensity to your basketball training, instantly transforming ball-handlers to learn proper dribbling positions, while developing increased muscle units to fire during your attack moves to the basket. Also, O-Bands are great for flexibility training, defensive slides or lateral movements, speed training, vertical jump training, as well as resistance additions to weight training exercises.


Medium Band - Elementary to High School Level

Large Band - High School to Professional Level

XL Band - College to Professional Level


Medium Band - 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50lbs. resistance)

Large Band - 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance)

X Large Band - 41" Length x 3" width (100-150 lbs. resistance)



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