J-Strap Shooting Aid (Off-Hand)

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The J-Strap is one of the rare aids where you become a more consistent shooter the second you put it on. Guaranteed! The J-Strap attaches to your non-dominant arm/thumb and prevents it from being involved in your shot, or where you have rotation of wrist/thumb. The product is designed to keep your thumb and wrist "Quiet" on your shot, or keeping them from internally rotating on your shot.

The J-Strap is made of a comfortable Neoprene material, yet lined with strong piping to prevent it from stretching too much. It provides just enough resistance to keep your off-arm in the proper position during shot set up and on your release. Also, by the way it crosses your elbow joint, it puts your elbow bend in the perfect position on how you are suppose to grip the basketball on your set up.

For the beginner, it forces the player to shoot with a proper one-arm shot, thus eliminating the two-handed shot. For the intermediate to advanced players, it eliminates force by the thumb, thus focusing more accuracy on your dominant arm release, and less play from your off-hand. Do not let your off-hand control your shot. It is time you start to DOMINATE YOUR SHOT!

The J-Strap Shooting Aid is a one size fits all product.



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